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EINA Architecture

EINA is an AMDC integrated technology product, Object-Oriented based, developed in independent modules with specific functionalities intimately integrated

EINA is constructed with the following modules:

  • Kernel

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Graphical Version Control

  • UML  (Unified Modeling Language)

  • OCL (Object Constraint Language )

  • Language Support

  • Reusability Management

  • Error and Change Tracking

  • Software Knowledge Management

  • Database modeled with MDA

  • COCOMO ll (Cost Control)

  • Team Management

In addition the following Modules are designed:

  • Document Generation

  • Graphical Meta-Modeling

  • Formal Methods

EINA Target Users

EINA is a tool to be used by all members of a computer project team, of any level, to carry out all necessary tasks to develop programs and/or systems for their end users. Among others, EINA may be use by:

  • The IT Director, to define methodologies of its technicians.

  • The Project Leader, to control the project, productivity and costs.

  • The Analyst, to analyze the functional necessities of users and propose them a designed solution.

  • The Programmers, to develop programs according to requirements.

  • and/or, activating the necessary modules, all those persons affected by the project assumed by the developer.




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