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EINA Modules (3)

Database modeled with MDA, COCOMO ll Cost Control, Team Management, Other EINA Modules


Database modeled with MDA

There are many analyses and design AMDC Tools that support database’s design process, and construct objects and/or components that allow database’s applications access.

Some situations require a round-trip between SQL and data base design, not frequently supported by AMDC tools. For instance when, in order to obtain an occasional needed information, a change to a table design arises (add, delete or modify one or more fields). The change to the database and the necessary programming are done, but the change is rarely registered. If this happens often, actual database design can not be recreated from existing textual SQL.

EINA's database module based on the Relational Model -not MLU-, facilitates both; developers and DBA's functions.

Modelado Relacional



COCOMO ll Cost Control


In a computer_project_costs_control many parameters are involved:

  • Development environment,

  • Hardware and software infrastructures, and

  • Base Software and hardware stability etc.

Other aspects like application’s size, life cycle, quantity and skills of persons assigned to the project, etc. affect cost estimation and cost it self.

COCOMO II (COnstructive COst Model) its the best application’s cost estimation model developed by Barry Boehm





Team Management

Team Management module allows:

  • tasks planning,

  • estimate assigned work loads to each person,

  • detect time, budget, etc. deviations.

This module is very close related to all system's development steps (analysis, design, programming), captures individual and/or collective development’s metrics that can be use to improve future development teams estimations and design them to be more adjusted to each project.

This module is linked to costs centers.

Gestión de Equipos Humanos




The following modules are designed and/or developed to some extent:

Document Generation Documentation Module will allow to define and integrate the type of document to be generated; Help, Users Guide, Technical Manual etc.

Graphical Meta-Modeling In addition to standards, there are other useful diagrams that can complement UML 2.0. For instance hierarchical diagrams to show the organizations' organigram, document's flow, etc. EINA's Graphical Meta-Modeling will permit to define diagrams at a meta-model level, establishing application's figures, rules and associations to create a diagram.

Formal methods are mathematically based techniques for the specification, development and verification of error free (or almost) software and systems applications. Formal Methods are not used very much because they are complex and require a great preparation. EINA pretends to include UML compatible formal methods for the development of mission critical computer applications and systems.



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